Truck on the Outside. Revolution on the Inside.


Drive System Built For Work

Lordstown Motors
Our revolutionary all-electric In-Wheel Drive System utilizes
four hub motors with integrated software—giving you a motor
and a mind in each wheel.

All-Electric Works Better

All-Electric Works Better

Internal Combustion Vehicle
In-Wheel Drive System

Best Total Cost
of Ownership

By switching to a cheaper energy source and removing all the
unnecessary elements of gasoline engines we were able to create
a framework for the overall best value for a vehicle configuration.

Internal Combustion Vehicle
Thousands of moving parts
Internal Combustion Vehicle
In-Wheel Drive System
4 moving parts
In-Wheel Drive System
75 MPG Equivalent

75 MPG Equivalent

Better for your wallet. An all-electric motor creates less wasted motion in an engine, and as a result, vastly improved efficiency. Our hub motors are 95 percent efficient (compared to 25 percent efficiency for combustion engines) and deliver a 75MPGe gasoline equivalent—greatly reducing your fuel costs.

4 Hub Motors

Fewer Parts =
Less Breakdown

Better for your work. When you make stuff simple, less stuff breaks. Fewer parts not only mean lower maintenance costs but also less breakdown and more time on road being productive and predictable.


No Gas +
No Emissions =
Zero Air Pollution

Better for the world. EVs do not generate any air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. Electric works better for the planet, so we all have a healthier environment to work in.

Evolution of EV

Lordstown Motors
Four Hub Motors

Not All Electric Chassis
Are Created Equal

Introducing the only electric vehicle configuration
that utilizes an in-wheel hub motor system at each wheel. It’s
brain and brawn in each wheel guiding you every millisecond
on the road.

EV Motor System
Electric Motor
and Gear Box
EV Motor System
In-Wheel Motor System
In-Wheel Motor System

What is a Hub Motor?

A hub motor is an electric motor that is incorporated into the hub of a wheel and drives it directly. What makes hub motors more efficient? Less wasted motion. All energy output goes directly into the wheels for immediate movement.


Integrated Software

Integrated software monitors and adjusts each wheel every millisecond to optimize performance, range, and efficiency, while simultaneously monitoring battery pack performance. Our advanced Telematics system provides owners a wide range of data for fleet management.


Why Four Motors?

Our vehicles come with not one, but four hub motors for maximum power and control. By moving the motors to the wheel hubs, we’ve created perimeter weighting and the lowest center of gravity for unprecedented stability.


Every hub motor on a Lordstown vehicle goes through rigorous testing. Snow, ice, mud, water, salt, heat—Lordstown's hub motors face all the elements before they're considered ready for the road.

More Power for
More Work

Lordstown Frame

True 4-Wheel Drive

A hub motor in each wheel delivers unprecedented traction
and superior control to help you handle any type of terrain.
Lordstown Frame
The Lordstown Drive System is capable of
producing 2,000/4,800 lb-ft of torque (Continuous/Peak)
for the Endurance and 8,000 lb towing capacity,
with four hub motors delivering direct power
to each individual wheel.
Lordstown Frame
2,000/4,800 2,000/4,800 lb-ft of Torque
8,000 8,000 lb Towing Capacity
Fun to Drive
Lordstown Frame
5.5 5.5 seconds From 0-60mph
600 Horsepower

A Battery to Go
the Distance

On a fast charger, our battery can charge in just 30 to 90 minutes and has a range of 250+ miles. The power system also supports off-board power for tools and accessories (stationary) 120v, 30 amp.

Lordstown Battery
30 minutes to recharge on
a fast charger
250 mi battery range

Built to Work.

The 2022

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