The 2022 Endurance

Revolutionary design

The Endurance was built from the ground up to be a new type of pickup truck: one that is designed smarter, safer, and more productive for work.

4 in-wheel hub motors

The Endurance is the first commercial vehicle to feature four in-wheel hub motors. This design reduces the number of moving parts and significantly improves vehicle control.

Fewest moving parts

The Endurance has the fewest moving parts of any motor vehicle. This advancement leads to fewer maintenance costs and a significantly lower total cost of ownership than traditional commercial vehicles.

True 4-wheel drive

With four dedicated hub motors, the Endurance helps you get out of any sticky, muddy, or slippery situation.

Design Specs

Safety Rating (Front, Side, Rollover)
5 / 5 / 4
ADAS-LDW, AEB, Rear Cross Traffic Alert
Software - OTA (Over the Air Updates)
Fault monitoring - OTA realtime
EV Range (EPA cycle)
250+ miles
Battery Size
109 kWh
Charging time (20-80% SOC, Level 2 11kW AC/Level 3 DC)
10 hrs / 0.5 to 1.5 hrs
Off-board power for tools and accessory (stationary) 110V/120V, 20 amp
Seating Capacity
Towing Capacity
8,000 lbs
Drivetrain layout
4 Hub Electric Motors
Brakes Front/Rear
Custom in hub motor brakes
20 in
Horsepower Peak
600 hp
Power Steering Assist
Top Speed (Software Governed)
80 mph (128 kph)
Gradeability at GVW
3-years bumper to bumper; 8-years battery and hub motors
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