Work for it: Joe Burrow

Meet Joe Burrow: quarterback, humanitarian, all-around hard working human being, and Lordstown brand partner.

Growing up, you probably heard the phrase above. And if you grew up in the Midwest or American South, the phrase above is likely branded on your DNA. We heard it from our parents, grandparents, coaches, mentors and teachers. These more seasoned elders passed down this wisdom not just as advice but more as a code for a better life. Whoever it came from the message was always the same: you can’t just wish for something to be better, you have to work for it.

“Work For It” is more than just a Midwestern catchphrase: it’s a driving force that gets you up in the morning and gets you to fight for something better, no matter the obstacles. Every person has something better they are working toward, and Lordstown is partnering with those that know hard work happens best when it’s powered by a purpose.


Meet a Real Working Joe

Nobody understands the power of working with purpose quite like quarterback and hard working humanitarian Joe Burrow. The Athens, Ohio product embodies this sentiment, and we’re proud to announce him as a brand partner for Lordstown Motors, and the first face of our “Work For It.” campaign.

Joe Burrow has worked hard all his life. From Athens High School, to Ohio State University, and then Louisiana State University, his journey is a story of getting better at every step. That story continued, culminating in what was arguably the greatest college football season ever, and one that made him pro football’s top pick this past March.

But even when given the podium for the biggest moment of his college career, Joe used his platform to help others. Watch his acceptance speech, and you’ll notice it’s mostly about the people that helped him get to where he was, as well as those who might need a little help themselves. Most notably Joe spoke out on food insecurity in his hometown of Athens, Ohio. The recognition helped the Athens Foodbank and the Joe Burrow Foundation raise over $500,000.

From throwing footballs to helping areas in need, Joe Burrow knows that hard work is what it takes to make a difference on both the football field and in the community. 


A Partnership that Works Together

Joe’s commitment to hard work, humility and humanity perfectly align to Lordstown Motor’s mission to power the working spirit, and as we both begin our rookie seasons in 2020, we look forward to defying the odds and improving the world around us, together. Our partnership makes sense for a number of reasons, we’re both:

1. Driven to Outwork: To change the world takes tremendous drive. Both Joe Burrow and Lordstown Motors are powered by the pride that comes from working hard to bring a vision to life.

2. Working for Something Bigger: Joe is using his talent and platform for social and economic equality. Lordstown is building electric trucks not only because they are better for your wallet, but because renewable energy is a major step towards saving the planet.

“Sustainability is everything. It’s about working together to create a more livable, enduring, and equitable world.” - Joe Burrow

3. Loyal to our Roots: Athens, Lordstown, Cincinnati. Three Corners of Ohio we’ve both touched, with the ultimate goal of improving the area in every way.

4. Believers in Quiet Confidence: We each believe in proving who you are through actions. It’s about showing up and working hard every day, win or lose.

5. Defying the odds: It took Joe three schools and numerous setbacks to reach the next level. Now he’s set to prove that rookies can lead. Steve Burns took on a legendary production facility with the hopes of reenergizing an area. Both are working to defy the odds and do the impossible.

What Will You Work For?

We believe hard work works better when it is driven with purpose. It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing touchdowns or hammering nails, writing code, or volunteering your time, hard work helps you achieve whatever it is you’re looking to achieve. For us, we are building the world’s first all-electric pickup truck. For Joe, he’s building a winning culture in Cincinnati, and working for equality everywhere he goes. Whatever you’re working for, if you really want it, be sure you work for it.

What do you work for?

If you have a story about how you or someone you know Works for it, drop us a line at


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