You may have noticed we installed one big “hello” on the outside of our headquarters. The banner on the side of our building says “Ride With Lordstown,” and it does more than just tower over the cars passing by: it speaks to a new beginning for us, this area, and a shift in automotive thinking overall.


Why did we choose to name the company Lordstown Motors? We wanted a name that spoke to the kinds of vehicles we are going to make: tough, enduring, smart, able to take on any challenge. The city of Lordstown has 50-plus years of vehicle making under its belt. It’s the classic Northeast Ohio town that battles the elements to get the job done every day, no matter what. Now in this former GM plant where 16 million vehicles were produced from 1966 until 2019 we will build the Endurance: the first all-electric pickup truck commercially produced.

We wouldn’t choose to start building these vehicles anywhere else. This city represents the hard work and grit that built America, and we think that same working spirit is what will propel the world into a brighter future.

I've hung 5 of the previous banners here. After the last one I didn't think we'd ever be back, but here we are hanging another banner at the Lordstown Plant.



Lordstown Motors Corporation builds electric vehicles for the modern worker. We choose to do this because the modern worker deserves a better vehicle: one that is more efficient yet still powerful, cost-effective yet not cheaply made, and electric but not elitist.

The people who will drive the Endurance—our first vehicle—will be anyone looking to embrace their inner-worker, and people who see their vehicle as an extension of their tool belt, computer, briefcase, etc. It’s time those people got a truck that matched their working spirit.

Ride With Lordstown.

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