Engineering the Endurance: Work for it.

Darren Post has spent his professional life improving the way vehicles move. An MIT graduate and a seasoned veteran at some of the biggest names in automotive, as well as some of the more exciting next generation EVs, we’re very fortunate and happy to call him the VP of Engineering at Lordstown Motors.
A more sustainable planet. Work for It. Lordstown Motors.
"We're doing something that no EV has done before."The answer for Darren and Lordstown is hub motors, a concept introduced decades ago yet never fully embraced by the traditional auto industry. With the Endurance, we are setting out to eliminate unnecessarily complex parts and mechanics through these revolutionary hub motors to build a vehicle that is as smart as it is tough.
We are doing something that no electric vehicle has done before

When we can eliminate waste—both in terms of environmental emissions and wasted motion— we can begin to create a world that works better. Most the miles driven on a daily basis are done by commercial vehicles, and those vehicles have yet to receive an electric solution. The Lordstown Endurance will offer commercial customers a 75 MPG equivalent, vastly improving fuel economy and bottom lines.

Darren Post working on the Lordstown Endurance truck

Switching commercial vehicles to electric isn’t just a chance to improve our carbon footprint: it’s a chance to drastically improve the way we work everyday.Choosing electric as our power source is rooted in something bigger than the current trend—it’s just better engineering.

Work for It. Lordstown Motors

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