Better Opportunities for all Workers: Work for it.

Hiring at Lordstown has grown 500 percent in the last six months as we continue to bring in the best and brightest the business has to offer to Northeast Ohio. Though each of us comes from different backgrounds and we do different jobs day to day, we’re all united and believe in revolutionizing the way work gets done through the vehicles we build.

All-electric for all workers. Work for It. Lordstown Motors engineers building the Endurance.

Not too long ago, many of the people who call our factory their office today weren’t sure what the future held. But our hope since day one has been to bring future-focused, sustainable jobs to anyone looking to call Voltage Valley home. Progress like we've made so far helps us see that not just our vehicle production schedule but our hiring process is on track as well. 

We all have one goal: to pave the road to a brighter future. Jaimie Green, Chief Human Resources Officer of Lordstown Motors.

As we gear up for full production of the Lordstown Endurance, a major piece of that puzzle will continue to be hiring more talented people who help the whole retooling process, and the company overall, run smoothly. Listen to our team as they talk through what it means to be here, and see that a common goal helps create a culture where people are excited to clock in every day. 

Lordstown Motors engineer building Endurance all-electric work truck components.

Watch our video above to hear from our Chief Human Resources Officer Jaimie Green, as well as some of the other faces that make up Lordstown Motors, as they talk about what working here means to them, this region, and the world.

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